Monday, January 07, 2019

Kansas City Spins Homicide Numbers Game As 2019 Begins In Bloodshed

Here's local government propaganda spouted by "activists" paid by City Hall and working to promote mostly pointless anti-violence efforts.

Police stats from last year also reflect more property and car crime and along with a spike in shooting report from just about every social media outlet in town.

Here's the official word that is mostly unchallenged by "journalists" who think they're safe in the suburbs. Read more:

Kansas City Homicides In 2018

There were more than 200 homicides in the Kansas City metro area in 2018. That's a big number, but it also constitutes a 10% drop from the previous year's count. What the numbers tell us and what they miss when it comes to homicide, plus insights into what we ought to pay more attention to when we talk about violent crime in our communities.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we can set the record this year. We need more hip hop events.

Anonymous said...

Is there a particular demographic or group of people that are responsible for the majority crime in this area? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully these feuds are resulting in the killing of murders as revenge over other murder. A self healing wound per say.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very specific demographic commit almost all of the violent crimes in Kansas City. The thing they have most in common? Jean Petersucker Baker is in their corner 100%.

Anonymous said...

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin keep those bodies rollin, HOMICIDE.

Anonymous said...