Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Kansas City Soundtrack Review

It's easy to write off local bands but they're an essential part of the culture of Kansas City and maybe the real pioneers in home grown creativity. There are fewer and fewer authentic and truly home grown bands who regularly local gigs but thanks to this music blog, this morning we share a couple of really great suggestions. Checkit:

Lunar Duel EP by Mysterious Clouds: Album Review | Kansas City Live Music | United States | I Love KC Music

I Love KC Music is excited to have Rod Peal of The Philistines joining the team doing album reviews. Lunar Duel EPMysterious Clouds EP Cover A


Anonymous said...

Relevance in action!

Anonymous said...

Most bands are stuck here. Unable to escape in most cases due to lack of real talent.

Anonymous said...

^^Sorta like you? Thought so.