Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Kansas City Restaurant Week Behind The Scenes: So You Don't Have To Pay For It

Here are the options . . . Either crowd frazzled wait staff with a bunch of Kansas City 30K millionaire scenesters OR look at pretty pix of food scarfed down carelessly by locals who mostly want to see and be seen . . . Take a peek:

Kansas City Restaurant Week 2019 | Behind The Scenes At Corvino's First Dinner Service

var/www/flatlandkc.org/htdocs/assets/themes/STORYLAB-BS3/single.php:812: boolean false As fat flakes of snow fell late Friday afternoon, the kitchen was decidedly warmer inside of Corvino (1830 Walnut St.). This was the time for chefs to snatch a quick shot for Instagram, stack deli containers full of pickles on the stainless table at the heart of the kitchen, or wonder what the second year of participating in Kansas City Restaurant Week would look like.

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