Kansas City 'Race & Equity' Talk Kaput

Weather update, possibly a lack of interest AND very few productive solutions coming from this meetup.

Here's the word:

"We have decided to CANCEL the event and reschedule for another date. Please share."

Update . . . They've rescheduled the low turnout event for Jan 30th after our blog community suggested that they shouldn't bother. Click this link for the FB page and more info on this conversation dedicated to a lack of progress in so many ways . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Don’t bother rescheduling it. Nobody’s interested in your bullshit.

  2. Well rats. Rats, rats, rats! I had my pussy hat cleaned, my Obama shirt pressed and my Birkenstocks ready for the big conference.

  3. Can someone that is going to this conference bring up the need to figure out the best way to teach manners to the youth of KCMO? Especially in public like at the zoo, worlds of fun, and the plaza.

  4. If they're going to reschedule, they really should pick another date when it's still really really cold.
    No one with any sense would ever attend such a worthless empty joke, but on a cold day at least the homeless would have a warm place to go for a few hours.
    Time well-spent!

  5. Open spaces II between Sly's ears.

  6. I think they should reschedule it to sometime in February. Not only will it be cold but the Blacks will be enraged because they sure don't want to share BHM.

  7. Damn, is there another venue at which I can see Sheri "Purpose" Hall's spok4en word excellence?

  8. What will Angela do? OMG!


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