Kansas City Propaganda: Police Crackdown Against Drivers Saves Lives And Saves Faltering Municipal Revenue

Basically, a presser from City Hall touts the benefits of supporting the starting gate of the prison industrial complex and exorbitant fines which eventually put broke-ass people in the slammer . . . Notice that the uptick in penalties hasn't really helped protect the rising number of pedestrians who have bit hit by careless motorists over the past year.

Here's the argument . . .

More Traffic Tickets In Kansas City Might Have Reduced Fatal Accidents In 2018

The day after Christmas, a 33-year-old motorcycle driver was run over and killed after a crashing into a Buick in Kansas City's Northland. It was the city's 85th fatal accident of 2018. And while that is a lot for a city the size of Kansas City, it is better than the city's 100 fatal accidents in 2017.


  1. If you write tickets on the blacks for their dangerous driving and illegal tags then that would be racist


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