Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Kansas City News Link Look Tuesday Night

Quick look at pop culture life . . .

Saw1st: Bella Thorne at On The Record Speakeasy and Club Grand Opening in Las Vegas

EOnline: New Botched Patient Samantha Has a Nipple in Her Armpit & Wants It Fixed—STAT!

SunUK: Breast cancer survivor left with boobs that ‘smelled like death’ after scars from boob job started to rot

Closer to home, these news links dominate our tonight . . .

Po-Po Confront KCMO Ice As Well

KCPD officer taken to hospital after slipping, falling on ice

Brett Elliott/KMBC SOURCE: Brett Elliott/KMBC A Kansas City police officer was taken to a hospital after slipping and falling Tuesday morning while investigating a crash. The crash, which happened about 11:15 a.m., involved a school bus near 45th Street and Agnes Avenue. Police said the officer slipped on the ice and hit her head while investigating the wreck.

Kansas City Bling Social Media Hateration Sparks Newspaper JOURNALISM

Rival Kansas City jewelers in court over bad Facebook review | The Kansas City Star

A Facebook review claiming Meierotto Jeweler was the 'worst place' has led to a lawsuit in federal court after the shopper denied posting it. Meierotto is suing competitor Karats Jewelers.

KCTV5 Inspired By TKC News

Tomahawk shirt causes controversy for Chiefs Kingdom

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- There is a shirt that is creating a big stir on social media. It's based off a chant we hear during Chiefs football games but now people are saying this is not OK. "I do find it subtly offensive, I find it patronizing to be honest," Zack Thompson, who lives in Kansas City, said.

Kansas City Tech Side Hustle

Vintage WiFi mashup: Designer converts old items into bluetooth speakers

Rick Kloog's T-shirt shop on Troost resonates with the sound of side hustles - combining the former music producer's previously untapped talents for a Vintage WiFi effect. The "funky little vintage store" blends original Kansas City-designed shirts, and miscellaneous items - most of which Kloog converts into bluetooth speakers - as well as other original artwork, he said.

Shut Down KCMO Harsh Times Cont'd

Families impacted by shutdown turning to food pantries

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In recent days, there's been an influx of calls at the Bishop Sullivan Center in Northeast Kansas City. Many of them are from furloughed federal workers and families impacted by the government shutdown. "We often see families coming saying 'I never expected to be here, I have never asked for help like this, what do I even do?

Local Hip-Hop Endures

Approach and Milkdrop on their upcoming Replay Records split single; release show this Saturday at the Replay

Facebook In November 2011, Lawrence's Replay Records released its first piece of vinyl, the punk and garage-centric compilation LP, Cheap Beer . In the intervening years, the label - an arm of sorts of Lawrence institution the Replay Lounge - has issued thirteen 7-inch singles, a cassette, and one full-length album.

Saving Kansas City Light

Sign collector trying to raise funds for KC Neon Museum

There's always been something special about neon. "The colors just radiate," said Nick Vedros, founder of the Lumi Neon Museum. "It had a look, the artistry, it's almost like a song." Neon signs have been casting a glow and drawing in customers for the better part of the last century, each one with its own unique purpose.

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Bunch of Russians seem to be involved in the jewelry store cat-fight. Maybe Trump is involved? Get Hillary on the case.

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