Sunday, January 27, 2019

Kansas City Kangaroos Talk The Big Question And Other Life Lessons

Sunday discussion article from this town's most prolific faith writer offers insight into a loose collection of religious philosophers who now gather at the city college in order to debate, discuss and consider how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and other important topis. Take a look:

Gatherings Create 'Community of Reason' Each Week At UMKC


Anonymous said...

Talking Kangaroos? Jeez is this a great city or what!

Unknown said...

The Community of "Reason"? Hahahahahahaha!!! More like the Community of Bigoted Clowns.

Anonymous said...

If those are the Panel Members, I'd like to attend the meetings, where and at what time are they being held?

Anonymous said...

UMKC sure has great courses for KC. I bet this one is really popular with the resist weirdos:

WGS 460CC CC: Queer in the City: An introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies

This course introduces queer theory within the context of gender studies and urban studies. We will read, discuss, and react to classic text in queer theory, lesbian and gay studies, and sexuality and space studies. There will be an emphasis on finding "otherness" within everyday spaces, places, texts, and discourses.

Anonymous said...

I like gays and lesbos. They can't reproduce!