Kansas City January 2019 'Test' Confessional

Dre is a rising star Kansas City biz lady with one of the best new media firms in town. From what we can tell from a distance, the budding entrepreneur makes friends with just about everybody instantly and has utilized her charisma to build an enviable client list over the past two years.

Part of her charm is her honest and forthright style which she displays on Instagram and that comes through in this confessional post about her tribulations and triumphs to start the new year. Checkit:


There's a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote I love, "once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen." I wholeheartedly believe this but I also believe the universe throws some bumps in along the way to be sure you really, really, *really* want it.


  1. That’s some really stupid chick stuff.

  2. Please see:

    "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year." -- RWE


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