Kansas City Highway Of Death Worsens 2019

Another horrific collision on one of the worst roads in this cowtown inspires the latest warning that this stretch of road is deadly for both drivers and pedestrians alike and remains a longstanding problem designed by way of "community outreach" and political stubbornness. Take a look:

Two injured in 71 Highway crash

Two people were injured in a crash, vehicle fire on 71 Highway early Sunday morning.


  1. But nobody died.

  2. I have only driven on 71 highway maybe 10 times my entire life. Mainly because I don’t need to be around the trashy part of KCMO. That being said the times I have there were very unsafe drivers in it. Speeding and weaving out of traffic like idiots. Shittt cars where even the license plates have dents in them.

  3. 2:37 Many of us have seen the same. And you have drivers going Seventy miles an hour in a Forty to Fifty mile,zone. And watch out for the eighteen Wheelers .

  4. Cleavage should be sued every time someone is hurt on the interstate with stop lights he wanted so bad.

  5. Typical black driving, they’re the reason why insurance is so high is this town

    1. Wrong! Geezers are the #1 reason you pay so much in insurance. It should be mandatory that geezers turn in their licenses after 65.

  6. Thank you Mayor Cleaver for giving us the most dangerous and inconvenient stretch of road in all the city.

    At some point can't the state or fed step in force it to become I-49


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