Kansas City Healthcare Sticker Shock

More worthwhile reporting on the topic increased costs and one of many broken systems. Take a look:

Some KC area health consumers are stunned by prices revealed by area hospitals for cost of care


  1. Docs like their McMansions and Porches

  2. The KSHB article is a throwaway, as it didn't list one comparative price example!

  3. Billy Skidmark1/2/19, 2:19 AM

    My step cousin's barber said he had to wait 5 years for a routine checkup in Canada, so our system is still the best in the world for sure.

  4. Here's a pro tip: If you have a surgery or something and the hospital bills you some ridiculous amount, say you can only pay $x per month and they will adjust your bill accordingly if you ask. Never pay the sticker price they bill you. By paying what you propose monthly, you then avoid a credit score hit.


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