Friday, January 18, 2019

Kansas City Great Expectations: Patrick Mahomes Can Reconcile The Past

Possibly the finest Friday sports news we could find as some of the most hopeful fanboys expect one guy to rewrite the entire history of this town, a mediocre organization and a legacy of divisive politics and low-key class warfare . . . Just for kicks, maybe he can also help locals resolve on their bad career choices as well . . . Read more:

Arrowheadlines: Chiefs ghosts of playoffs past? Meet Patrick Mahomes

Chiefs Misery Has Met Its Match: Patrick Mahomes | Sports Illustrated From that '15 season until this year, they managed a 1-3 mark in the postseason, adding to their distressed history, and in the worst way, as a top team that faded once the playoffs started.

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D has got to help. That is all.