Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Kansas City Fights Beer Culture War

Local hipster beer marketing is no fun, doesn't offer any hotties or bawdy jokes and remains mostly focused on NEXTGEN virtue signaling rather branding that's the least bit cleaver . . . Here's a celebration of this fact of life:

Tap List | Pour One Out For a Little Less Sexism in Beer

The world of beer still tilts heavily toward men. And it's a particular kind of man that is stereotypically seen as drinking beer. A man that might crush the can when he is done with it. But progress comes from unexpected places.


Anonymous said...

The beer world tilts heavily toward men because the only time women drink it is when they want to get fucked. That way, the next day they can blame their slut behavior on being drunk, not because they are sluts who want fucked hard.

Toast to Rosy Palms said...

^^^^^ You've never seen a woman drink. You've never been around a woman. It's pretty obvious you don't have any experience with women. The probably avoid you at all costs.

That's an interesting theory but I really doubt your experience.

Anonymous said...

there is only one thing worse than a drunk man and that's a drunk women.

Drink up swollen red pillow faces.

Anonymous said...

Drunk chicks like to get fucked. Alcohol makes their pussies wetter. Most chicks get gangbanged when they get drunk.

Anonymous said...

^^Your mom certainly did....thus your in-bred ass was born.

Anonymous said...

Ugh I tried to read that story at flatland but couldn't finish. They are even more irritating talking about beer than wine dorks. False erudition to spout useless information about beer.