Kansas City Fed Worker Rally Against Prez Trump Border Wall Shut Down Tomorrow

Union leaders and sympathizers should be able to garner at least a dozen of their colleagues whilst the rest might support the Prez, worry about future options OR are exhausted after working without pay. Meanwhile, the Prez walking out of a meeting today signals this hot mess still has many more miles to go.

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KC federal workers push back in government shutdown

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of federal employees in the Kansas City area are being effected by the government shutdown and some are turning to loans or short term jobs to make ends meet. "Federal employees are being held as pawns in something we have no control over.


  1. But didn't the roaring and robust Obama economy inspire them to set aside a chunk of cash for the inevitable rainy day?

  2. I heard they’re protesting the democrims for this whole mess

  3. OMG after almost 8 years of the booming and vibrant SLie James economic miracle they have no savings?

  4. Didn't Trump's roaring economy end paycheck to paycheck living?

    He lied??

  5. Well, Trump did freeze federal salaries and overrode Congressional approved raises.

    Trump really hates paying employees. Stable genius winning strikes again.

  6. We are winning so hard!

  7. Maybe 34 people will show up.

  8. I guess the big man-baby President had another meltdown today. Mean old Nancy told him no, and he stormed out!

  9. We're enjoying the vacation. Of course we don't blow our money on things and toys we don't need or can't afford so it works out well.

  10. @6:03 No different then trying to negotiate with Slick Sly James on things KCMO needs to do. Total waste of time.

  11. Pull out those credit cards and you'll be fine. Bank of Mom and Dad is the second option.

  12. Maybe if they're that broke perhaps their time would be better served looking for a job that paid better?

  13. Federal workers need to call Pesslosi's office and do some bitching to end this crap.

  14. How Bout A Comprehensive Round-Up Of The Best ‘Chuck And Nancy’ Memes

  15. 6:03: Trump hates it when women tell him no. He wants to grab 'em by the pussy.


  16. You don't speak for all of the federal workers in Kansas City!!!! As for the wall we stand behind Trump and will work without pay for as long as it takes! The democrats have made no effort to try and solve this problem they refuse to even talk to Trump just like they did today.

    NTEU is having nothing more than a bitch session, and your protest will do absolutely nothing.

    Pelosi and Shumer work for the people and they are not doing that!!!! The people need the wall! This is on the democrats! Trump has only worked for the people and the democrats are having a meltdown because they lost to a man who wasn't a politician and is doing the best thing for the people.

    Don't look for me at the rally!!!!!

  17. ^^^^Live from Fox News!

  18. How many illegal immigrants are staying at your house 7:24?

  19. Chuck Vicious and Nanny Pelousy should be forced to live in a neighborhood with no walls, gates or security. Maybe then they would grasp the concept.

  20. Why is Trump talking to Chuck and Nancy?

    He said it would be so easy to collect Mexican Pesos to build a wall.

    Since the world respects us now, go to Mexico City and shut down their government. Leave our workers out of it and pay them.

  21. Well, one good thing can be said about Trump, he's saving many reputations!

    By comparison to him...
    Richard Nixon now looks comparatively honest.
    Ronald Reagan looks sane.
    Gerald Ford looks wise.
    George W. Bush looks like a Statesman.

    Think of how many damn-fool Republican Predecessors reputations are being salvaged on a daily basis!

  22. ^^^ you forgot rapey billy and his lyin cheatin billionaire wife, you morons almost voted her back in.

  23. ^^^ You're right.

    Trump's 3 marriages, dozens of harassment claims, cheating on his pregnant wife while paying porn stars and playboy bunnies for sex and silence, and walking in on naked teenage girls at his pageants - all make Clinton look like a choir boy.

    Trump blabbing classified Israeli intelligence to the Russians, using an unsecured phone, and pocketing money from wounded warrior and other charities into his own pockets - all make Hillary's emails and foundation look crystal clean.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  24. As the American Gothic Schumer/Pelosi clowned crowd skates American National security, responsible leaders clamor to make the US safer.
    American voters in old and recent polls show they want a border wall and most Democratic leaders did during the horrible Incompetence of the Obama reign.
    This issue will be exploited during the 2020 Campaign and beyond and posters and slogans will encapsulate the New American Gothic of Pelosi to show how OLD and out of touch Democrats are with their Hollywood supporters and Old old voices including Cher.
    Support America by Demanding to keep Our borders safe and voting to make continue the mission of Making America Great Again.

  25. Just keep buying stocks of cardboard and Magic Marker companies.
    Government shutdowns.
    Homicide vigils.
    Minimum wage rallies.
    LGBT demand marches.
    Dog and cat programs.
    In KCMO there's pretty much nothing that little handfuls of "activists" with their signs won't march about.
    Great investment!

  26. I like how they said they had to go to work, They were at home working. ANd after one week, they are already broke, sounds like poor management. Also doesn't look like they are starving. ANd one lady said she had to tell her kids they cant go out and eat. Geex i dont go out to eat and I have a job.

  27. That fatty needs to get out and protest...And march...And jog....And do some push-aways....


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