Kansas City Fed Lady Reverse Course On Rate Hikes After Prez Trump Attacks

A low key victory for the Commander-In-Chief for people who watch the REAL news . . . This local leader has always been "hawkish" on raising rates but now she has changed her tune after persistent social media and press conference bullying from the Head of State. Take a look:

The Fed's Esther George indicates it's time for a pause from rate hikes

"A pause in the normalization process would give us time to assess if the economy is responding as expected with a slowing of growth to a pace that is sustainable over the longer run," George said in prepared remarks for a speech in Kansas City.


  1. It's not Trump's attacks that are causing the regional Feds to assess the need for a pause.

    It's that the Trump economy isn't booming. There has been no rapid growth.

    She noted the beating in agriculture sector. (Thanks Trump's tariffs - who knew the GOP loved farm taxes.)

    The corporate tax cuts didn't trickle down. Wells Fargo is a perfect example. They announced another $7.4 billion in stock buybacks in Q3, while also announcing planned elimination of 26,500 jobs over the next 3 years. The middle class got screwed by Wall Street again with the aid of Trump's tax scheme.

    Then you add the unexpected Trump government shutdown, which is a new economic drag driving down consumer spending, confidence and GDP.

    The winning is over before it really got started.

  2. I’m middle class and doing very well, not sure what your talking about but I will tell you this, I make basically the same money as when Barry was in office and I never struggled as much as I did when that idiot was in office. Barry tried to kill the middle class and he almost did. I don’t know what he had against us but he sure had a problem with us.

  3. ^^Then you must be an entry level loser cause I made a shit-ton of money when Barry was in. Maybe branch out of 7/11 and try to move up to restroom cleaning at the bus station.


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