Sunday, January 27, 2019


Full disclosure: Right now TKC runs off and uses Adsense, both owned by Google. But the coffee money the tech giant provides TKC doesn't change an incontrovertible fact . . .


It was so bad the cable provider had to change it's name to Spectrum and actually provide somewhat better service. Moreover, fiber deals with City Hall and advertisers money are really at the root of this "story" that's simply nothing more than propaganda.

The reality is that Google's product remains widely coveted and the tech insights read a lot like talking points pushed by local hacks and not any kind of real journalism on the topic of local connectivity.

Kansas City Customers Consider Leaving Google Fiber After Weeks Without Internet


Anonymous said...

The arrival of Google Fiber forced the other internet providers like AT&T and Time Warner (Spectrum)to provide higher speed internet. They had the capability before but wouldn't do it until they started losing business to Google Fiber. That being said, $70 a month for Google Fiber TV is too high when there are so many streaming options at a lower price.

Anonymous said...

If Spectrum sent out one less piece of their nonstop direct mail every week they could probably save a ton of money.

Anonymous said...

How committed is Google to serving Kansas City long term, if it negotiated a "right to terminate the agreement for convenience at any time up to two (2) years after the construction commences on the fiber network?"

Good luck suckers

Anonymous said...

Spectrum has been fine. Sure it's not fiber speed but haven't had one outage since they took over Time Warner.

Anonymous said...

Google never paid for all the damage their idiot contractors did to our property. They just kind of go here have an ice cream now fuck off it's not our problem.

Anonymous said...

It’s Rectum !

Anonymous said...

The problem with these massive internet companies is they are too big to offer genuine customer service. All you are is just another account number.

Google is shady anyway with how much they spy and profit off you.

Anonymous said...

My Google Fiber had been giving me more and more problems, nowhere near the speed I paid for, lots of fritzes and slow connection. Power went out. Google said it would be a week to fix. I canceled. Spectrum came out the next day and installed new service and paying less and no problems so far.

Anonymous said...

It seems both of Google's dissatisfied customers are busy posting here today. I had AT&T for some time before Google came to our 'hood, and I couldn't wait to change. Every month I would have to argue with AT&T over the bill, and I finally wrote a letter (the old-fashioned kind) detailing all the issues I'd had with AT&T (with copies to all and sundry), and that got a response.

Google came and installed their fiberoptic system (I signed up for the $300 service for seven years), and have had no problems. We stream radio, Netflix, and a bunch of other stuff with no problems. We have had brief outages, but Google has always been responsive.

I wonder if the folks in Brookside who are having the problems are having them because of trees overhanging Google's lines?

Anonymous said...

I don’t know why google would have its cables in the air in brookside where all the butthole surfers live. When I lived in mission a few years back google put everything underground.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Because it was cheaper

Anonymous said...

Been a Google subscriber since 2012, never a problem!
Well, that is, my neighborhood loses power eight or nine times a year because KCPL won't maintain its network, and of course Google doesn't work then, but after two or three days, when we get power back, Google is right there as good as ever.

So, I live in a neighborhood with streets full of potholes and grass growing in the widening paving gaps, our Water mains break somewhere at least monthly, we lose power several times a year, but nobody has problems with Internet, except for the few damn fools who still subscribe to something other than Google.

Anonymous said...

^^^+ 10000! Maybe the problem is Google's service is making the others look even worse than they did before.

chuck said...

Google is a Fascist, dangerous company with oceans of money it is using to buy out politicians. If the US can break up Standard Oil, we can sure as hell break up this nefarious, Anti-American company.

Google is NOT an American company, it is a Globalist company that is IN NO WAY interested in American values and historical American imperatives. They assist Fascist despots all over the world with initiatives to enslave their citizens with technology and Orwellian “Skynet”, Stalinist, totalitarian efforts that no doubt brings a smile to the face of Chairman Mao when he is not busy, on his knees, fellating the Devil in Hell. Think of all the people Chairman Mao didn’t get to kill during the 1966 Cultural revolution for the lack of this evil, nefarious companies good offices.

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We are coming up on a cold day in April, where the clocks are striking 13.

Screw Google, screw their pussy employees and screw their choke hold on information and how it is disseminated. Burn them to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, read back over some of your own postings on this site, then start being pretty damn cautious who YOU call a Fascist!

Anonymous said...

But here you are using one of its platforms, chuckie the hypocrite

chuck said...

11:13 Fuck off. You support the Deep State, Fascist, unelected bureaucrats in the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the DOJ, the State Department and the previous administration, that every day, is exposed ever more clearly as the greatest threat to this Republic in our nation's history.

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1. Senior Obama advisor John Holdren

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4. Former Senator Mary Landrieu

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10. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi


There is a two tiered justice system in place in this country that exonerates without prejudice, evidence proffered, testimony carte blanche democrats and prosecutes---make that PERSECUTES those conservatives who have come to close to the fire that is Donald Trump.

What makes these grotesque and Fascist initiatives possible, is the categorical and granular corruption of the Main Stream Media, THE ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

There is one more thing that makes it possible Chuck.

Ignorant fools with sub Saharan IQs like 11:13 and 11:20.

Anonymous said...

I have Google Fiber. Internet is ***LIGHTNING FAST*** and TV is excellent although not perfect. Reliability is 99.99%. Sorry if you don't have it, or if you're disappointed. I have never talked directly to a single person with Google Fiber that didn't appreciate its superiority over TW (Spectrum) or ATT.

(I do not work for Google Fiber, although it may sound like it.)

Anonymous said...

Chuck you forgot Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz subverted our democracy and interfered in the 2016 election in ways Moscow could only dream of, yet while Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues to chase Russian phantoms, the case against Wasserman Schultz and Imran Awan, the IT director she and other Congressional Democrats employed, continues to drag on despite overwhelming evidence of criminality and clear national security implications.

What the Democrats accused the Russians of doing, Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s DNC was actively doing. And considering what we have found out about the Pakistanis, not the Russians, that were brought in to run their IT operation, it makes sense as to why the DNC refused to turn over their servers to FBI forensic investigators.

The man she had working for her and the DNC has gone into the ether.

Huh? How about that? No interest at all from the DOJ.

Anonymous said...

Manafort didn't register as a Foreign Agent = Prison-Solitary Confinement

Podestas didn't register as a Foreign Agent = Good jobs in the private sector

Anonymous said...

Nice rant, Chuck, but some of the rest of us read Breitbart too!
"Cut and Paste" much, pal?

Anonymous said...

GF best internet ever. For those of you complaining about slow speeds, you need to hard-wire your connection, and you'll get 900mbps +
Your wifi speed is limited. You can also hook up your own high-quality router and double your wifi speed.

Anonymous said...

12:44 You can't dispute one thing Chuck said.

Anonymous said...

My att high speed internet is pretty good. I have it hard wired into my PS4 for my epic fortnite games.

Anonymous said...

Chuck's points are sound. As usual, the leftist counter argument is to fling feces like a bad monkey.

Anonymous said...

But chuck is loonier than the looniest loon on Loon Night.

Anonymous said...

Considered Google several times.

Each time, I researched complaints on line. Simply horrendous dissatisfaction with their customer service response to consumer problems.

Stayed with Spectrum internet even in the face of their (like all providers) incremental increases each year.

I do enjoy Dish for TV. Have had it for three years with very few complaints. Just had a $3.00 monthly increase. Irritating, but nothing like Spectrum's (Time Warner's) predictable gigs.

Anonymous said...

Read on the dark web How Dish Network is working on Halographic TV in conjunction with a name brand TV manufacturer.
They hope to revolutionize how we watch and even make movies.
Where does that leave others?

Anonymous said...

Have had Google fiber for 3 years. Speed is great. Never any outages. Customer service is great as well. AND I agree with everything Chuck said. Google is actively working with the Chinese government to create a platform that its people will only be able to see what their government wants them to see.

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate google as a company but I have google fiber and it's probably the best experience I've ever had with an internet provider. Never had any issues, can transfer it easy when moving, and it's easy to talk to an actual person.

I still fucking hate google as a company though