Thursday, January 03, 2019

Kansas City Deadly Twin Tragedy And Youngster Death Ruled Accidental

Aftermath on this horrific holiday season inferno linked only because we wanted to share the crowdfunding efforts once again . . . Check the story:

Fire that killed twins in Kansas City was accidental

Authorities say a fire that killed 1-year-old twins in a Kansas City home was accidental, although they weren't able to pinpoint the exact cause. The Kansas City Star reports that investigators were able to rule out an electrical malfunction. But Kansas City Deputy Fire Chief Jimmy Walker said Wednesday that a lot of physical evidence was wrecked by the Dec.


Anonymous said...

A horrible tragedy for sure, but why is it that when someone dies, old or young, their survivors turn to Go Fund Me to pay for funerals? There are dignified yet economical funeral plans out there, but people seem to think there needs to be a grand send-off with lots of bells and whistles. We’re taught that it’s a bad idea to live beyond your means. It’s also a bad idea to die beyond your means.

Anonymous said...

12:04 why spend you own money or that Gerber Life Insurance check when you can get others to pay for it for you?