Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Kansas City Catholics Shut Down Suspect Creeper Priest Charged With 70s Misdeeds

Better late than never, here's the note from the KCMO side on this local priest ACCUSED of wrongdoing. Read more:


Anonymous said...

Hey, it only took them 40 years to do something this time. I guess they deserve a medal from the pope.

Anonymous said...

Tony: I thought you were better than the KC Star. This is strictly an inflammatory headline. This jack wagon was not a priest. He deserves the same punishment of any sex abuser including having his genitals cut off and put into a womens prison. You always claim the KCS gets its facts wrong but you blew this one big time. It's bad enough when a priest has been found to be doing this and I am sorry for the abused but get the story correct.