Kansas City Blogger Fact Checks Trendy Hipster Democratic Socialism

Worth a read if only to try and debate economics vs. policy and the disappearing difference betwixt the two. Take a look:

Democratic Socialism IS Socialism

This article, Here's the difference between a 'socialist' and a 'Democratic socialist' has been circulating as an explainer as to why "democratic socialism" is different from socialism. Democratic socialists merely believe a range of services - like health care and...


  1. Must read. All of it

  2. Our health care system is the most expensive laughing stock in the developed world, but let's not try and fix it because that might be called socialism.

    Fucking wildly overconfident retards just everywhere you look in this country.


  3. Now this is funny! It is socialism. The only difference is, it would be voted on instead of by force!

    Funny how democrats call republicans Nazi's when it was Hitler who fooled the people into socialism and the democrats are crying for socialism.


  4. Democratic socialism is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.

  5. Democratic socialism is when people get to vote how to spend somebody else's money.

  6. Would subsidized apartments for the rich qualify as socialism?

  7. ^^Would me paying for your social security qualify as socialism?

  8. ^^^ Looks like all the money I paid for your education was wasted.

  9. ^^Looks like your life was wasted. You're here.

  10. As the article states, Democratic Socialism is state control of the economy, the opposite of Fascism which is Economic/Corporate control of the state. Left or right are only points on a circle, not two ends of a line. Socialism and Fascism are the joining of the economy/corporations and the state. The only difference is who wears the pants in this governmental marriage. We have hybrid version of these two seemingly opposite types of rule now. The difference being the word Democracy. We are not a Democracy, we are a Republic. There is a difference.

    A Republic has rules that cannot be changed by a vote alone. Democracy is mob rule. We all vote to kill you, we do. In a Republic murder is illegal regardless of the vote.

    We currently live in a Fascist Socilaist Republic. As to what side has the pants at a given time is what has made this country great. A balance of power.


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