Friday, January 18, 2019

Kansas City Biz Real Estate 2019 Winning?!?

It's upbeat promo but still worth a look if only because this kind of content is typical of constant promotion that leverages local events but overlooks the bigger economic picture overall . . . Checkit:

The big news for Kansas City? 2019 looks to be another strong CRE year

Kansas City's commercial real estate market might not get the headlines generated in bigger cities such as Chicago, New York or Los Angeles. But as 2019 begins, the CRE market here looks to be as strong as any in the Midwest.


Anonymous said...

Gimme dat thing, gimme dat, gimme gimme dat,
gimme, gimme, gimme dat thing!

Anonymous said...


We'll revisit this fantasy in about six months.

Anonymous said...

Ah the Greying Golem of Greatness Ken Block again.