Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Kansas City Awash In 'Clean Missouri' Hype

Here's The Pitch mistaking political talking points for content and offering up a screed which pretends that "ethics reform" in Jeff City is anything but an elusive dream that mostly serves to power the political consultant class who earn their keep by maneuvering and evading any form of regulation.


Missouri Republicans' latest attempt to thwart democracy in the name of 'liberty' is part of a much larger pattern

Missouri voters who overwhelmingly rejected their state legislature's anti-union "right to work" law in August should know that Eric Burlison is not impressed. "Democracy is not freedom," the soon-to-be GOP state senator opined on Twitter, right after he filed legislation to reinstate the law that voters had just nullified by a two to one margin.


Anonymous said...

The vote on the petition was never intended to be a fair test of voter preference. There was big money (much of it from out of state) and a professionally run campaign on the one side, and little money and no organized opposition on the other. Of course the former is going to win when the deck is so stacked in its favor. Avoidance of the result by the legislature would just be a thumb in the eye of Big Union and the journo-left.

Anonymous said...

The United States is a Republic not a Democracy. Look it up.

A Republic has laws that cannot be simply voted for or against.

A Democracy is ruled by the vote alone, as in mob rule.