Saturday, January 19, 2019

Kansas City Artsy Denizen Explains 'Open Spaces' From Creative Class Perspective

An exhaustive study of the KCMO arts festival offers insight from the perspective of a creative class denizen and eventually examines the EPIC amount of money that taxpayers committed to the project - $500K to start. Interesting that even this review is mixed and wants more input from the community for any major project in the future. Read more:

Wild Open Spaces and Structures for Futures Unseen

Open Spaces is still on our minds in Kansas City. The festival showcased work that embraced the city's creative growth giving a preview of future potential. Strong installations made the festival hard to write off entirely, and many of the works were opportunities for greater programmatic efforts.


DeBergerac said...

My goodness, what big words!
But while "futures unseen" are lauded, there is almost no discussion of "present examples unseen either". In fact there are several allusions to the idea that attendance was irrelevant, which I presume is a hangover from "Ars Gratia Artis" concept, that "art" exists in a vacuum.

Just a couple of suggestions - if you plan to whizz away a half million of our Tax Money on this next year, first, DON'T! But if you must, at least move the venue to Loose Park, where you would stand a chance of getting at least SOME attendance.

Remember, the core concept of "art" is a communication of ideas and concepts between the "artist" and the viewer. No "viewer", no "art", Q.E.D.!
A one sided "conversaion" isn't "art", it's modern Politics!

Anonymous said...

How about getting out of municipal arts funding biz. It's a racket that supports entitled twats and produces nothing of any consequence or value.

DeBergerac said...

Once again, @7;32, you're confusing "art" with "modern Politics"!

Anonymous said...

The "Creative Class" those who's fathers or grandfathers worked hard enough to support future generations of worthless social know it alls. They are rolling in their graves.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, u owe me money