Kansas City Against Urban Core Dumpers

A local guide to making friends during a losing battle . . . The new gentry makes a big show of cleanup efforts and they deserve credit for entering the fray as so many others have tried and FAILED to keep locals from treating many parts of Northeast like their own garbage can.


Neighbors team up to tackle illegal dumping in Kessler Park

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Just six days into the new year, shows there have been more than 60 calls to the city complaining about illegal dumping. In the historic Northeast, neighbors are taking matters into their own hands. A group spent Sunday afternoon surveying the woods of Kessler Park, documenting illegal dump sites and abandoned campsites.


  1. What the city doesn’t tell you is 95% of the illegal dumping is the blacks, notice the correlation is almost exactly the same as the murders committed by blacks, hmmmmmmm


  2. Go ahead and dump! Lets punish Sly James and the other idiots out there like Quinton Lucas to show our support in making Kansas City the real dump that it is.

    Dump away you won't be caught it's been going on for a long time and they are so stupid they just stand around an bitch about it.

    FREE DUMPING Kessler Park! Homeless people this one is for you! Free toilet too!

  3. i am pretty good at being oblivious to dangerous places but from my experience, wise to experience kessler park in a group.

  4. More

  5. We need a designated homeless camp area,and more game camera to catch the dumpers or another tax increase to provide some extra service for bulk pickups.

  6. Tony anything you can do to highlight anti littering efforts in this town is good because we have a big time trash problem in KC. If there are volunteer opportunities etc.

  7. Look at that picture. Where is the diversity? Plenty of blacks and every other race live around there and it's only white people volunteering to clean up others trash. Bog surprise.


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