Thursday, January 03, 2019

Kansas Budget FAIL Already

Credit to these Conservatives for trying to explain a losing sitch to the plebs and, more importantly, TV reporters. Take a look:

How Will Media Explain Kansas's $600 Million Budget Shortfall? - The Sentinel

To make life easier for regional media, the Sentinel will spell out the problem the Kelly administration will face when the 2019 legislative session opens on January 14. So educated, the media will have ten days to prepare set pieces simple enough to be communicated on television.


Anonymous said...

I read the story, believed it to be credible, and then saw a Dave Trabert quote. Credibility lost.

KPI needs a new director that can achieve some level of credibility. Every policy debate he engages in uses jazz'ed up numbers that only tell a story he wants told. Cut funding. Cut funding. Cut funding.

If KPI is genuine about KS education funding - bring some real ideas to the table instead of cutting teaching staff and increasing classroom sizes. Consolidation of districts, community control of schools via volunteers and donations, and community (not just teacher) accountability for children's success.

Anonymous said...

^^^What part of Trabert's article is wrong? Be specific, and cite to your sources.

Anonymous said...

need to get the judges out of the mix