Friday, January 25, 2019


Real life courtroom reporting from one of our favorite bloggers in the metro . . . This testimony not only fights for a man's rights but also offers some FIRST PERSON REPORTING on the horrific marriage contract that most people are pressured into by both "love" and society.

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Is The Judge A Simple Pawn? Johnson County Divorce Court

UPDATE!! There was today finally a call received back from an official from the Johnson County Court House regarding the ethical questions I had regarding one of its employees in the family court. It only took several days and an email to this employee to get this to happen.


Anonymous said...

What is the case number?

Anonymous said...

Yes lets see the case number and some names here.

Anonymous said...

So if neither party request a change of venue, then normal assignment will occur and the assigned judge will cover the case.

Anonymous said...

His wife prolly turned the judge on to his misogynistic, violence loving, right-wing loving excuse for a public diary and has decided not to fall for whatever lies he spews in court.

COuldn't happen to a more deserving individual.