Jackson County Taxpayers Get First Dibs On Chiefs AFC Championship Tickets

Just a small bit of justice in this world given the EXORBITANT amount of taxpayer cash that locals contribute to the fortunes of a billionaire owner and millionaire athletes. Read more:

Chiefs tickets for AFC Championship game go on sale to the public Monday

Saturday's Chiefs win means they are moving on to the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, Jan. 20th! Tickets for the next big game will go on sale to the public at noon on Monday, Jan. 14th. Fans can purchase those tickets online at www.chiefs.com.


  1. It’s a tough choice for Chiefs fans from Jackson County. Spend the money on Chiefs tickets, or a new tattoo or at the dope house.

  2. ^^^Dont be bitter dude. You hate us cause you ain’t us. Now get your shine box!

  3. I would like to see the sports complex, to the extent possilble “privatized”. Allow the stadiums to charge a small “tax” on tickets, concessions, merchandise, and parking, revenues from such to be kept strictly for the maintenance of the complex - and no outside tax revenues going to them. Let those who go pay for the maintenance and upkeep. I would be willing to do that when I go to games a few times a year, myself, if I knew that my tax dollars weren’t going to the sports complex.


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