Thursday, January 31, 2019

High Tax Kansas Comeback?!?!?

Important info from this downsized Conservative blog that's still worth a look . . . Check the Sunflower State making a return trip to higher levies now that the era of Guv Brownback has been completely rejected by politicos on both sides of the aisle. Read more:

Kansas Sales Tax 8th Highest in the Nation - The Sentinel

Kansas has the eighth highest state and local average sales tax rate, according to a new study from the Tax Foundation. It revealed that Kansans pay an average of 8.67 percent in sales taxes on retail purchases within the state. The states of Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not have sales taxes.


Anonymous said...

That's why I buy on the internet.

Fuck Johnson County Kansas taxes.

Sales tax in 1974 was 4%

Anonymous said...

Dumb voters pass every damn sales tax on the ballot.

They deserve to pay them.

Anonymous said...

Another proud bait and switch moment from the Brownback legacy.

Cut business taxes on LLC and other pass-throughs to zero and lower top income tax rates. When that fails grow the economy and craters state revenue, raise sales taxes to replace it.

The GOP controlled, by crony capitalists, found another way to shift their responsibility from the rich to the working class.

Taxing groceries at the same level as every other retail sale is reprehensible. Even Missouri figured that out.

Cee Bee said...

Uh, it is the RINOs in Johnson County who vote in all these taxes. Same people who elected Kelly governor. She ran on cutting taxes on groceries, but hasn't. She increased spending though. Johnson County has the worst of both worlds, high property tax AND high sales tax. I hope those little school age brats enjoy their iPads, sports complexes, and fine cuisine while learning how the US can become a socialist utopia.

Anonymous said...

Kelly was just sworn in 2 weeks ago, so let's hold off on the broken promises bullshit. Her first budget is for FY2020 which begins in July.

When you can't get that right, it makes the socialist claims even more dishonest and desperate.

Anonymous said...

2:40 Brownback instituted the highest tax increase in state history so fuck off with your RINO bullshit. Kansas is deeply red. Republicans own this. Dumb ass Kansas would vote Trump in a landslide again tomorrow. Stop watching Fox. Read an actual non-fiction book not written by Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter. Do a little critical thinking for yourself instead of parroting the lies you hear from Fox.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Right on. It's the most regressive tax out there yet dumbfuck Kansans continue to vote Republican because they hate gays and abortion. Just to, you know, own the libs.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh…@7:58 - did your Gay Son tell you he was getting an Abortion?
Don't blame you for being pissed off if he did!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Conservative and generally liked the Brownback admin. However, they ran the most corrupt Div. of Revenue that I've ever dealt with. Their sales tax polices, especially on labor and supplied materials (that had already had applied sales taxes at the origin) are draconian and completely designed to eff people over. Literally the only State of the 6 around KCMO that does this. Want to fight it, you have to hire a lawyer. Want to force them to "show their calculations"? Hire a lawyer. Problem is, KS has unlimited pockets when it comes to fighting for their illegal tax schemes. The people fighting against do not. That's their bet, and they win almost every time.