Friday, January 25, 2019


The promise was a vibrant section that welcomed new biz and residents to a diverse cross section of KCMO. While there has been progress and a few high rent places have been built up thanks to tax breaks . . . This effort hasn't been moved the dial despite a lot of hard work for the organization from their employees on the ground level. Quick link tease on the branding refresh . . . And a glimpse at their new idea:

MainCor rebrands as Midtown KC Now - Kansas City Business Journal

The Main Street Corridor Development Corp. (MainCor) has rebranded and adopted a new name: Midtown KC Now. The nonprofit, a community partner and liaison between municipal, commercial and residential interests, works with a large geographic area - seven square miles that stretch from Pershing Road to 47th Street, and Broadway to Gillham Road and all surrounding Midtown neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

If you consider an incoherent lunatic asylum a success no they haven't failed.

Anonymous said...

The only thing work a damn there is Pancho's.

Anonymous said...

What does Maincor do with the tax money generated from their CID?