Guy Fieri Reveals 3rd Circle Of Hell Replica In Kansas City Power & Light Restaurant

This isn't news but every broadcaster in KCMO mentioned it anyway, take a look at this new joint wherein locals can order gourmet fake tacos.

And then there's this passage that might or might not be a review: "Upon reaching the Third Circle of Hell, Dante and Virgil find souls of gluttons who are overlooked by a worm-monster Cerberus. Sinners in this circle of Hell are punished by being forced to lie in a vile slush that is produced by never-ending icy rain."

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Guy Fieri shows off his new dive, taco joint in Power & Light District

We're getting a look at Guy Fieri's Dive & Taco Joint, which opens next month in the Power & Light District. The restaurant and bar will have a roadhouse look. "Ever since I first started competing at the American Royal 15 years ago, I've dreamed of opening a joint in Kansas City," Fieri said in a news release.


  1. Inquiring Minds Want to Know1/24/19, 4:22 PM

    And the KC taxpayers gave how much in funding and tax breaks for this to happen?

  2. This place will be good. Not crazy about the location. He should have beat Mission Taco to the punch and gone in next door to Grinders.


  3. This guy is a joke does he think he's still 16 years old with that hair...really. He's middle aged! HA HA HA

    And to 4:22 he's from California and very wealthy with other locations.

  4. ^^ So? Cordish has millions also and look what they get every year.

  5. If he was smart, he would have named it MLK Tacos. Then the shitty would have built it for free.

  6. Are those Bar Stools going to be strong to hold the flabby 250-pound drunken ex-KU Sorority Sluts that are the only women trashy enough to be caught dead in the Power & Light District?

    If one of those stools collapses under the "lard load" Guy Fieri had better have a good Lawyer on retainer!

  7. Does this garbage depot come with bulletproof glass and a hobo scraper?


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