Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Granny Guv Kelly Saves Kansas Medicaid?!?

A bold plan that was tried before and FAILED. Here's the double down from a Kansas political lady who believes she can get a compromise. Read more:

Kansas Gov. Kelly Goes With Medicaid Expansion Plan That Almost Worked Before

Kansas Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly's Medicaid expansion proposal is a retread. It's virtually the same bill that former Republican Gov. Sam Brownback vetoed in 2017. An attempt to override that veto in the House failed, but only by three votes. A bipartisan working group appointed by Kelly to provide "input" met once and decided against making any major changes.


Anonymous said...

I say give it a try and then reverse it if costs go out of control. It’s kind of sad that it’s for people making less than $17,000 a year as a single person. How do you live off less than $17,000? I’m for a work requirement but also understand some might have a hard time finding work due to a physical disability.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, benefit programs do not get reversed. They only get bigger, they never get smaller or go away. There is no doubt that in the future state taxpayers will be asked to pony up more and more money to to feed the beast.

Who is not getting necessary medical treatment under current conditions? Figure out who's in that group, figure out why they're not getting care and then figure out how to provide it (assuming they want it) as efficiently as possible.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the new governor dosn't have an original thought. That's a shame. She's just trying stuff that never worked.

Anonymous said...

She looks like Moe Howard and is going to spend like Diamond Jim Brady.