Golden Ghetto 'Too Dark' Scandal Exposed

Deep dive into this week's racial controversy with in an EPIC FEATURE from 435 that offers backstory and testimony. Take a look:

Choreographed Racism?


  1. The snobbish Blue Valley school district performing at its best. What they did and allowed to happen is plain wrong. Hopefully the Sturdivant's takes them for a cleaning.

  2. Black Lives Matter.

  3. Just because the Sturdivant girl made the dance team at Mizzou doesn’t mean she has talent. Mizzou is well known for racial discrimination against white people. Grambling of the Midwest.

  4. Reposting an earlier comment I liked and agree with that I think few people saw.
    Anonymous said...
    Personally I see what happened here an invasion of privacy and the illegal gathering of a private conversation of two people. This so called child had no business looking around on a teachers private phone or looking at her messages as it appears she was and did. Text messages can encompass the same intimate subjects as phone calls, sealed letters and other traditional forms of communication that have historically been strongly protected. Any guesses as to how many actors get turned down for roles due to the shade of their skin and I am talking about white actors. When you are so different than the rest of the team that you ruin the team look as a whole you will be dropped or not picked. So the coaches or what ever used the term BLACK, so is it now getting to the point where white folks can no longer say the word black?

    You should see how many Chiefs cheerleaders who try out that are not picked for the team every year for this very reason. When it comes to dance teams it's height, hair color and length and over all body appearance along with how do they look in the group. Honey Boo Boo is a very popular person but if she tried out for dance teams she would not make it due to her size and that's a fact. It isn't about how good you think you are it's about how you look standing with others of the situation.

    A case in point, Keanu Reeves has starred in two John Wick movies and a third is in the making. Do you for one minute think this series would have seen the success it did if say Gilbert Gottfried had been John Wick? No way, it was all about appearance and fitting into the overall look of what the movie was about.

  5. The racism on display by the school district and especially carly fine is despicable. I sincerely hope the courts do the right thing and side with the sturdyvants. But even if they do it won't do much to erase the hurt done to their daughter. I wish for the rest of her life she be welcomed by any group she wants to join.


  6. You know there is now easy answer here, but I see someone with Black Lives Matter on here and that has been labeled a terrorist organization. I do know whites moved to the south part of Johnson County to get away from this very thing.

    1. That’s part of the problem. Whites move somewhere they’re comfortable and establish their own neighborhood, schools, etc. until blacks eventually infiltrate the area and start crying discrimination or bringing crime with them. Whites are then forced to engage in white flight or put up with the negative aspects that follow blacks wherever they go. Why can’t blacks ever go somewhere and develop thriving, successful communities of their own with good schools instead of always crashing white neighborhoods?

  7. They got caught fair and square being racists. They fired the teacher, but now they are going to pay. They shouldn't have hired the queer racist.

  8. Jews set the example to the blacks, LBGT, women, minorities, bike riders and coffee shop owners how to play the squicky wheel card and get their way


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