Golden Ghetto Divorce Testimony

The decline of the American family continues for just about every demographic other than the very richest WASPS and crazy rich Asians . . . For everybody else, the drama of dealing with lost love and the state is a fact of life. From a local blogger OG . . . Here's a confessional blog post that's a FANTASTIC CONFESSIONAL apropos for Sunday. Check it:


You see I kinda knew things ran a little loose over there because of interactions I had with some of the staff over the past 2 years, but nothing really prepared me for what has occurred in the past 2 months.


  1. Dude, please call Bosley.

  2. 1st world problems.

  3. What is that on his head?

  4. Many moons ago I was waiting in the back of a courtroom with some fellow officers all waiting to see if we would have to testify or if a plea deal was indeed going to take place. As we sat there Judge Richard Smith came walking through and asked us if we wanted some coffee and he was hoping all the lawyers would hurry up and agree on something or get back into the courtroom and get the show on the road. But it was his opening statement to us as he came walking up that I will never forget. "Seeing you officers sitting back here waiting patiently not knowing what is really going on makes me think of how sausage is made. If you really knew what went on behind closed doors in a court house or a sausage processing plant you would probably find that one or the other if not both would make you sick to your stomach."

    I then later learned statements containing more or less the same words were often quoted by different folks who spend time around a courthouse or buildings where legislation take place.

    Justice is supposed to be blind and fair to all. But I as well as many others know it also stinks and is full of disgusting things.

  5. Super Dave enjoy the RED MOON. THAT IS WHY I MAKE MY OWN SAUSAGE AND MAPLE SMOKE it, .ALL THE Maples falling after the storm.

  6. Judge Foth is a known loser


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