Saturday, January 05, 2019

Fear Not Kansas City Chiefs Fans

Fanboy confidence before the playoffs might be misplaced or maybe this is the PERFECT reflection of local footballer post-season play given that really confident teams don't require so much encouragement.

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Why there is no reason to fear the NFL postseason if you're a Chiefs fan

Here's the important thing to remember in the NFL postseason: None of us have the slightest freaking idea what's going to happen . And when it's over, I'll be honest: I've never understood those last two. If a cornerback is left on an island, won't he miss the team bus from the hotel?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the chiefs game. Should be good. This isn’t the typical chiefs this season. All my life the chiefs were pathetic because they were so afraid to make big plays. It was always run the ball up the middle and very short passes. Then they would go around and convince their following to brad about how good their defense was.

Something changed this season, and yes it’s still the chiefs organization but they have definitely and FINALLY grown some balls and allowed the team to perform like a championship team. It’s so long overdue.

Anonymous said...

Woke the wife and kids up a 5:30am sharp for full chiefs sweats and jersey inspection. All passed except the one kid had a wrinkle. After a breakfast of Chiefs scrambled eggs, Andy's has browns with Mahomes ketchup wife and kids began buffing and polishing our Red SUV. Running in place drills will begin in one hour, and today chant while running will be Mahomes! Mahomes! Mahomes!

Anonymous said...

One and done.

Anonymous said...

One and done. Book it.

Anonymous said...

Since we have a week off, it’s time to upgrade our cheerleaders. They are the ugliest chicks in the league. We need some really hot sluts.