The career and integrity of a coach is on the line and whilst we don't really care about high school drama, given the amount of unfair social media hateration and speculation from "many sides" of the issue . . . It's only fair to look at both sides of the story in a case that will be decided in a courtroom that is hopefully much more fair than online public opinion in various digital playgrounds.

Here's the story:

Fox4: Former Blue Valley dance teacher denies accusation of racism.

Money line and quote from the teacher's letter:

I am anxiously looking forward to defending myself. It's tempting to answer accusations, especially when so many of them are false and/or misleading. My legal team, however, insists we defend our case in a courtroom, not on the internet or the evening news.

I have dedicated myself our dancers achieve their goals. This includes not only working with them on their dance skills and routines, but also working with them outside the studio. In no way would I ever want to cause pain, distress or concern.

Getting only one side of a story paints an unattractive picture; it's not the whole story though. The evidence will clear up so many of the lingering questions surrounding this lawsuit, and I look forward to that.

Thank you to all who have reached out to me, offering your support. So many of you have reminded me that, in this country, the accused has a right to the presumption of innocence.

Please know how seriously I take this lawsuit, and please understand why I have to remain silent for now."

Developing . . .


  1. There's evidence of her text. I'm willing to see her explanation and she doesn't provide one. Seems like she's just stalling for time. Yes, both sides of the story are necessary and so far she hasn't shown us anything substantial in her defense.

  2. Even if she did say it, it’s just another double standard like using the n word. Blacks are well-known to practice colorism. Research terms like the paper bag test. Blacks themselves show deference to the lighter skin of high yellows.

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  6. Too late, the Star has already convicted her, only because the accusation fits the Star's Preferred Narrative so neatly. They'd much rather lie than change their Narrative.

    Also, mean Catholic kids in MAGA hats harrassed an old Indian and Trump ordered to Cohen to lie to the Senate. No evidence to the contrary will be considered, let alone printed.

  7. No lies* to the contrary shall be published.

    The BV teacher has little to worry about because it'll be the district that will have to pay all the money because of her racism.

  8. It wouldn’t be the first time a negro has lied about being a victim of racism.

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  11. All you have to do is hire a good PI and they'll turn up all kinds of racist shit this coach has done.


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