Exploring Kansas City Civil Rights Trail

A historical perspective of local landmarks that's much safer and far more inspiring than taking a real life walk on local trails that recently hosted an alleged young man serial killer targeting old white dudes hanging out early morning hookup locales. Take a look:

6 Kansas City places with surprising ties to the civil rights movement

Today is a chance to reflect not just on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the history of civil rights in the United States but also the sometimes-forgotten role played by important places right here in Kansas City.


  1. Stick with what we are known for. Corruption, crime, and murder.

  2. Since black lives don't matter to blacks, why should they matter to anyone else? No white guilt here !!!!!!!!

  3. When we asked Raging Elephants for information to support its claim that King himself was a Republican, Kamau-Imani pointed us to a video made by the National Black Republican Association featuring one of King's nieces, Alveda King, founder of the faith-based group King for America. In the Sept. 14, 2008, video, she says: "I just want to share with you a little bit about my family and my history. My uncle Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his lifetime was a Republican, as was my father, his brother, Rev. A. D. King, and my grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King Sr."

    She adds: "The Republican Party historically has supported the rights of the oppressed. During the times of slavery, many of the abolitionists were Republicans."


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