Sunday, January 13, 2019

Explaining County & City Merger Plan In STL

An important insight a ruckus across the state that looks like it's heating up and maybe a conversation that needs to happen in KCMO as well if only because so much of the funds and municipal responsibilities are shared without much government supervision.

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Editorial: Time for a city-county merger? Let Missouri voters decide.


Anonymous said...

Really a bad idea, city clowncil would steal all the counties money and spend it on the third district, terrible terrible idea

Anonymous said...

St. Louis is a failing city run into the ground by generations of leftist administrations. Having gradually run their tax base out of town with poor governance and uncontrolled crime, it is no wonder that the city is chronically short of money, and hopes to loot its wealthier suburbs to stay afloat. (Sound familiar, Kansas City?) This is something that should be decided by the residents of the city and the county, and not statewide plebiscite.

Anonymous said...

Spreading the blame out.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Democraps ruin every city they control! When are people going to open their eyes?