Monday, January 07, 2019

Exceptional Kansas City Woodland Photography Inspires 2019 Winter

Take a moment and witness these extraordinary photographs from one of the most talent photographers currently working in Kansas City. The attention to detail is startling along with how he conveys shadows and light in the urban forests that still dominate our city despite so much rampant development.

There's a deep texture and richness in this work that deserves a careful glance, maybe with some chill music in the background and a cup of coffee before the first real work week of the year begins . . .

A Walk In The Woods

Began the trek on the Indian Mound Trail... runs below Gladstone Boulevard from Cliff Drive to one block short of Indian Mound. Above, Picnic Rock shows the tenacity of nature...paper, scissors, tree, rock. I named it Picnic Rock because that's where Kelly and I would stop for lunch on our hikes.