Monday, January 07, 2019

Escaped Kansas Convict Remains At Large

Authorities report that this dude busted out of jail in an old Army dump truck and the po-po haven't found him yet.

Here's the latest:

Lansing prison inmate escapes, still on the run

An inmate at Lansing Correctional Facility reportedly escaped Monday and is still on the run. Dept. of Corrections officials told KCTV5 they were searching for 36-year-old Cal Henry Green III. They say he has a long criminal record, including convictions for theft, burglary, forgery, and aggravated battery.


Anonymous said...

A black felon who escaped prison pis on the lose in leavenworth county. Trust me, he won’t last long.

Anonymous said...

He is 5 feet tall and 4 foot around, he hasn't gotten too far.

Anonymous said...

Short brutha in prison garb driving a Camo dump truck, yeah that won't fucking stick out in Lansing or Leavenworth, will it?

Barney Frank said...

He dumped the truck on 92nd and parallel,fits right in