Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Downtown Kansas City At The Magic Hour

The artsy palace that sits atop a hill overlooking most of this town is a treasure that most people don't visit but still hold in high esteem. Meanwhile, we wanted to share a few quick news links that impact the plebs more immediately . . .

Worthwhile Local Chats

Here Are Some Of Central Standard's Favorite Conversations Of 2018

Hosted by Gina Kaufmann, KCUR's Central Standard explored more than 500 topics and invited more than 700 people to share their expertise and stories on the daily talk show in 2018. With so many conversations, there's no way to convey the breadth and depth of topics we covered.

Show-Me The Burner Tax

Missouri to tax prepaid cellphone service to fund 911 calls

The cost of prepaid cellphone service in Missouri slightly increased on Tuesday as the state joined most of the rest of the country in charging a tax to fund 911 emergency call centers. But not all customers will pay the extra charge, because 18 counties and one city have exercised an opt-out provision in the new law.

More Kansas Fighting Ahead

UFC announces Kansas debut, second quarter schedule for 2019

The UFC is coming to Kansas. During Saturday's UFC 232 broadcast, the promotion announced its second quarter schedule for 2019 as well as confirming its first-ever trip to "The Sunflower State" for a March 9 UFC on ESPN+ show at Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita. No bouts were officially announced for the card.

Numbers Game Program & Control
Kansas City Chiefs Have a 22.5% Chance of Winning the Championship
Big Buck Dreams In 2019 For People Who Don't Know Much About Statistics And Probability

This New Year's Day jackpot will be the eighth largest in the history of Mega Millions

New year, new (richer by $425 million) you.

Military Industrial Complex Excuse

Military Apologizes for New Year's Eve Tweet That Joked About Catastrophic Bombs

No, There Is No Ten-Foot Wall Around the Obamas' D.C. Home Women's March in California Canceled Over Fear it Would Be "Overwhelmingly White" Ocasio-Cortez Slams McCaskill After She Calls Her a "Thing," "Shiny New Object" Trump Contradicts Outgoing Chief of Staff: "All Concrete Wall Was NEVER ABANDONED" The U.S.

Great Value Gronk Rate & Reward

Week 18 NFL power rankings: Chiefs rise to second place

With their 35-3 win over the Oakland Raiders , the secured the AFC West and the number one AFC seed in the postseason - plus a little bit of respect from the national writers. In the final week of our aggregated pundit power rankings, the Chiefs move up into second place.

And here's the clip explaining the lead-in for this post:

Moreover, this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

KCUR is just an advertising agency masquerading as a public radio station.

Anonymous said...

All these links definitely deserved being stuffed into the recycle bin.

KC Newser said...

The link about the bombing is just a practice run.

Anonymous said...

So the Chiefs have a 22.5% chance of winning the Super Bowl, and that will go up to a 25% chance IF they make the "Final Four" AND the other three teams don't show up, right?

Anonymous said...

Tear Gas works.. 100 Central American caravan migrants failed in their attempt to cross the border on Monday night.

Sorry. Next time enter legally.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!