Dee Ford Doubles Down On Kansas City

Local jock wants to make amends for his flub which is only slightly less ridiculous than so much of the "we'll get'em next season" already underway. As fans play the blame game ahead of the big game. Take a look this bit of local regret:

Arrowheadlines: Dee Ford hopes to rewrite narrative by staying in Kansas City

Why Chiefs coach Andy Reid needs to fire defensive coordinator Bob Sutton | Kansas City Star Sutton was given a reprieve, with Reid's loyalty and value of consistency winning the day, but somehow the Chiefs were even worse in 2018.


  1. No long-term contract for him. Franchise tag him this year then let him walk. No big contract for someone with chronic back problems and only showed up in his contract year. His asinine offside was instrumental in us losing. He only rushes the passer. On running downs Speaks comes in to play for him.

  2. Dee Ford is just not very intelligent. Maybe he just smokes way too much weed as most of them do.

  3. ^^^ Them as in everyone under 30.

    Shut up Grandpa. You're making yourself look stupid.

    1. Actually, he was referring to black players and he’s right. Weed makes a dumb person even dumber.

  4. He will change his tune when he sees the contract the Chiefs are going to offer. Not a very complete player at all, worthless against the run and very stupid.

  5. Tyreek Hill and Chris Jones will get paid and Dee won’t. At times, he is a good pass rusher but disappears a lot. Not a good football IQ either.

  6. Dee may be caught up in a numbers game with other players coming up for renewal. I suspect KC will let him walk in order to save to lock down other players. He's a little inconsistent and that will probably do him in.

    If I took the hits these guys do, I'd smoke weed too.

  7. The yard of scrimmage is pretty elimental.

  8. OK, so, is nullifying the interception the typical way this kind of thing is handled, under these circumstances? Just asking because I don't know the football rules that well; but I have heard from a couple of sources that it was a dumb ruling, period.


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