Creative Class Real Estate Game: Kansas City Artists Desperately Seeking Safe Space

Moving news on these Kansas City culture vulture thought leaders and their search for new digs better than their parents basements. The reality is that rents are now to high in the Midtown Crossorads for the bohemian class who helped to create the eclectic community sold to empty-nesters and developers looking to launder foreign investment cash . . .

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After 33 Years In Its River Market Space, The Kansas City Artists Coalition Needs A New Home

The Kansas City Artists Coalition, an organization of more than 400 artists, will leave the space at 2nd and Wyandotte where it's been since 1986. In October, the building was sold to an outside investor who "is looking to utilize the space in a different way," said Executive Director Marissa Starke.


  1. Most of our local artists are weak and have no talent. They are really a bunch of unemployed people that just call themselves and each other artists.

  2. Our local artists are minimally talented but misunderstood. The only patrons that understand our local art are other homosexuals.

  3. Most artists are children of privilege. Most artists I know abuse SSI and other govt assistance programs. Occasionally a real artists emergencies from regular society, a writer or painter knocking out their work late at night or early mornings while working full time. Those are the only artists I care to pay attention to.

  4. ^^Most commentators to this post are broken, busted , bitter geezers without a talented bone in their rapidly decaying bodies. They hate what they ain't. They come here to seek interaction with other discarded and forgotten losers. They seek solace and comfort from a world that long ago recognized them as worthless.

    1. You seem to know whereof you speak. Hahaha.

  5. ^^You don't seem to know what day it is. Hahahahahaha

  6. There are 400 artists in Kansas City?????????
    I havent seen anything I'd call art produced in 25 years.

  7. ^^because you haven't been out of the house in 25 years!! Who are you fooling? Hahahahahaha!

  8. Artists generally find the new, upcoming, areas first, and then are the first to get booted when the area becomes popular.


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