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The world's most accurate encyclopedia tells us that Joseph John Campbell was an American Professor of Literature at Sarah Lawrence College who worked in comparative mythology and comparative religion. His work covered many aspects of the human experience. The culmination of his oeuvre was the creation of THE HERO'S JOURNEY axiom which attempted to encapsulate a unifying theory of all myth to elucidate world culture and history. As Kansas City confronts playoff destiny, the path of local football celebrity Patick Mahomes follows a similar and somewhat familiar pattern.

As with all mythic journeys, self-discovery and a confrontation of death and subsequent rebirth await the main character.

So far this year Patrick Mahomes has been anointed by sports talkers as the savoir of the team but has yet to endure any serious hardship or doubt of his power by local fanboys who wouldn't dare question the conventional wisdom of broadcast sports anchors.

4th down passes are fun but the level of idolatry bestowed upon this football noob has raised expectations to supernatural levels.

Super Bowl talk started after the first few games.

Now fans speak of destiny and rewriting the past.

Sadly, all of these expectations fall solely on the shoulders of Patrick Mahomes as the rest of the team and their excellent play has been completely overshadowed by irrational exuberance over the new QB.

Of course Patrick Mahomes is an exceptional talent but his overnight success can be explained by very real changes to the NFL. The Kansas City "King Of Ketchup" isn't the second coming of Len Dawson but merely a byproduct changing times impacting professional sports. The game is now more like the NBA with shoulder pads. In the aftermath of concussion controversy, the slow and methodical pace of the gridiron in years past has vanished. Pro-football is now flashy, higher scoring and played at a maniac pace with far less contact. Numbers and stats that were formerly earned over years are now quickly racked up at gigabit speed with the ease of a skilled Fortnite gamer. 

And while the odds favor The Kansas City Chiefs, history has more pessimistic view of the team's fortunes.

Accordingly . . .

The Kansas City Chiefs and their fans are expecting nothing less than a miracle from Patrick Mahomes and anything less will crush their spirits or, at the very least, send them back into ritual chanting about high hopes for next season and continued justification of the myths they have created for themselves to justify their smallish existence in a much bigger Universe which continues to expand and is filled with even greater mystery.

Check the links:

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KANSAS CITY - Justin Houston wouldn't let the question come out before cutting it off. Fullback Anthony Sherman was even less accommodating than the bruising linebacker of the Kansas City Chiefs.His response came with a glare.You see, the Chiefs had just wrapped up their third consecutive AFC West title and the No.

Odds In Kansas City's Favor

Chiefs open as 5.5-point favorites over Colts

The Colts will enter the AFC Divisional Round as underdogs for the second straight week, opening as 5.5-point underdogs against the Chiefs, via Las Vegas SuperBook.

Home Team Talk

Patrick Mahomes on the Postseason: "Everyone is Pumped Up and We're Ready to Go"

REID: "Everything is a little faster in the playoffs, that's how things go. At the same time, he has to be himself and continue to lead and play like he has been doing. I don't think he will have a problem with that. I think he understands that.

Numbers Crunching Started

Bettors Waste No Time Jumping on Colts-Chiefs Spread, Over/Under | The Action Network

Bettors were quick to jump on both the spread and over/under for Saturday's NFL Divisional Round matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs (4:35 p.m. ET, NBC). We examine how early action is moving the betting lines for Colts-Chiefs.

No Fate But What We Make???

Colts and Chiefs? Oh, they have a playoff history

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - They share a history, one that will be rehashed ad nauseam in the coming days. Yes, it will be enough to make any - every - Kansas City Chiefs' fan ill. For a fifth time, the paths of the Indianapolis Colts and Chiefs cross in the playoffs.

Kansas City Must Reconcile The Past

Kansas City Chiefs: Why This Year Feels Different

Let's start by telling you this sad little nugget. The Kansas City Chiefs are one of two cities in the AFC to never host a conference championship game. Can you name the other city? If you guessed Nashville, Tennessee, then you are correct!

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Powerful ciphering Jethro.

You heard it here first said...

Kansas City chiefs will win by a 4 points.

Anonymous said...

We needed Karem Hunt to be a more complete team. Every dolt knows that, even seen a few dimwit bloggers mention it. YES!

Cain KC said...

Colts +2

Anonymous said...

This time next week the Chef's will be cleaning out their lockers. Season over.

Anonymous said...

Too bad our defense is so shitty and they’re afraid to tackle. Too bad we have the worst defensive coordinator in the league coaching the worst defensive players in the league. Bob Sutton is a stupid old worthless fucker.

Anonymous said...

Give me the points.

Gobi said...

You're letting this blog get so weird TKC.

Interesting stuff but it doesn't negate the fact that we have the best quarterback in the league. Hands down.

Will be happy to remind you all of that next week.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^ May have the best quarterback but it is a team sport and the defense never shows up. Kid can't carry the whole team on his back, it is not his fault.

Anonymous said...

I would bet on the Colts. The Colts have a better defense. They have a whole season of films to study. The Chiefs are team for the season not playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Fake, rigged, kayfabe -- not unlike the NBA, huh?

Even if, it is a means of great American commerce. Ka-Ching!��

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Good point. For all we know, the game has already been scripted.

Anonymous said...

You know what tony I usually agree with you on things but the chiefs story this year is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I thought all the geezers here fired these knelling black sons of bitches and were boycotting the NFL.

What happened? You bailed on supporting Trump?

Tracy Thomas said...

Tony's premise is powerful, amen to that. But whassup with his scholarly treatise on Joseph Campbell? Is he dating someone who actually read it? And let her write this column? Not his usual voice.

Anonymous said...

Mahomes is the juice. Folks this isn’t your usual hunt family losers. They actually approve of this football team being aggressive for once and trying to win with big plays. Never seen the chiefs perform with long passes and excellent passing touchdowns. Hunt chiefs football has usually been run it up the middle every time with the other team planning for it. Brag to sports networks about defensive picks and emphasize 3-5 yard passing plays as a strategy. Numerous fumbles and interceptions were just kind of accepted. Now all of a sudden they think like a dynasty organization. Been too long in the making but I’ll take it finally.

Anonymous said...

Best bet , take the chief's ,, bet the farm on that and that over , Mahomes will have 400+ passing yards , Luck will be sacked twice , Chief's win 42 - 27 ¡!¡!¡

Anonymous said...

Never happen^^^

Anonymous said...

Arrowhead home team advantage
Chiefs wind 66% of the time at Arrowhead.

Anonymous said...

KCMO is desperate for anything.

Anonymous said...

What's a good sports betting site? I'd willing lose a bill for the Chiefs to win. I think the odds of that happening with a 5.5 spread are minimal.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs over cowboys in super bowl 53.

Anonymous said...

One and Done..........nothing new here.

BTW, Tracy Thomas's pussy still smells like 3 day old fish.