Consultant Political Theory: DUI Charge Makes Council Dude Quinton Lucas More Relatable Amid Kansas City Mayoral Run

More than a few of our readers called this dismissal last year . . . NOW, the newspaper is catching up to the inevitable and offering a quote spin.

Even better, our blog community tells us that the DUI snub has the Council Dude looking more relatable to urban core voters who might be tired of politicos who are above the fray . . . The "incident" might make it seem as if the law school prof can relate to urban core and broke-ass constituents who also confront their fair share of problems with the po-po.

Here's a cleaned-up newspaper perspective on the topic . . .

Quinton Lucas DUI case continues; he hopes for dismissal | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City Councilman Quinton Lucas was arrested on suspicion of a DUI in October. His attorney was granted a continuance on Tuesday. He's now expected to appear in Lawrence Municipal Court next month.


  1. He would be even more relatable if he'd rob a Quick Trip.

  2. ^^^^^ Lulz.

  3. He ain’t gotta chance, take your closeted ass back to gaysville and stay there, effing drunk

  4. He would be more relatable to all the homosexuals if he came all the way out of the closet and admitted he violated drunk driving laws. And admitted he has lived off affirmative action

  5. But I dont want to relate to a fag.


  6. The star has really lost it. I can't believe this crap. Get that newspaper outta here!

  7. I don't like Lucas for mayor, but come on, that DUI charge is bullshit. The guy was sleeping in his car. He wasn't driving, wasn't on the road. It's stupid. Never talk to the police is the moral of the story.

  8. Meet your next Mayor Kansas City... Quinton "The Teflon" Donald Lucas!

    Vegas, and now The Star, favors Lucas.

  9. 9:55, the offense is not driving while intoxicated, it's operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Much broader.


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