Apropos for late night contemplation . . . Kansas City's top ranking elected official offers his perspective regarding an ongoing controversy.

E.C. From D.C. - A New Beginning

As the 116th Congress begins, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on some of our hard-won accomplishments in 2018 and explore what we will work to achieve in the new Congress.

We have had a productive year.

I secured essential funding for important projects in the Fifth District of Missouri, including the World War I Centennial Commission, levee and flood control projects, and infrastructure investment for bridges and roadways.

Keeping a constant eye on ever-changing technology and the Big Tech companies also kept me busy in 2018. That included investigations into the Fintech industry, questioning the use of facial recognition software by law enforcement, and speaking with the CEO’s of social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook, encouraging them to take immediate action to combat the racially divisive content on their platforms, as well as to promote diversity among their leadership. I will continue to call for inclusivity and responsible regulatory reform within the tech industry.

One of the most critical issues facing our nation continues to be the effects of the trade war on the U.S. economy. Thousands of jobs and millions of American consumers may be negatively impacted by these tariffs. Congress must act to protect American workers and consumers, provide stability in place of the administration’s volatility, and push to end this trade war as soon as possible.

There is still much to be done and I look forward to working with the new and historic 116th Congress.

It has been eight years since there has been a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. Now more than ever, Members of Congress must demonstrate civility and respect for one another and work together through our disagreements.

First on the agenda, get the government adequately funded. I voted to approve a legislative package that would reopen the federal government and end the Trump shutdown.

It is troubling that we are in the second week of an unnecessary and damaging shutdown – holding 800,000 workers’ paychecks hostage over the President’s demands for a wall. More than 12,000 Missourians have been without pay during this shutdown. We must work together to end this.

I have done my best to promote and practice civility within the halls of Congress and will continue to do so as we negotiate government funding, border security, and host of legislative issues.

I would like to close with the opening prayer that I gave at the swearing-in ceremony of the 116th Congress yesterday.

“In recognition of Father Patrick Conroy and in unbridled optimism for this prayer, please join in. Almighty and enduring God whose lordship is just and true, we bow in recognition of that God-ship and this haloed and consequential moment of inaugurating a speaker to preside over and provide leadership to the House of Representatives of the United States. May we temporarily hush our preoccupation with vexing considerations that deplete our energy and consume our hours to seek now from thou whose immaculate voting record demonstrates on thee guidance.

"We pray, Oh Lord, for wisdom sufficient to lean not only on our unaided privilege and power, to embrace our summons, to address the great challenges of this day, fraught with tribalism at home and turbulence abroad.
Thou who has the whole world in his hand to thee we pray for inner resources, to rise as a legislative body above political selfishness and then shrink to a level of a level of and penitence that would be in harmony with your will. And when we leave this place, we will with your blessing launch a bold attempt to become the architects of a kindlier nation that is purging itself of any and all prejudices which degrade the unmatched blessings you have awarded the people of this great nation.

"Inspire us, the members of this body, to dedicate ourselves to the healing of open sores in a land where there is far too much mistrust of those who are different.

"Led now in this temple of governance by the Speaker and leaders of both sides of the political aisle, we pray for your presence in this place.
We need thee every hour, Oh Lord, how we need thee. When we're puzzled, guide us with your hand of direction.
When we're worn and weary, grant us light to find a just and fair way, and when we're confused, ignore our priorities and pet projects so that any diminutive success may give you the glory.
We have now this prayer, Oh Lord, Amen.”


Emanuel Cleaver, II
Member of Congress


  1. Hand it to Cleaver on this one. He's playing it cool and not engaging in the big talk that other Democrats are doing. The impeachment chatter is a losing hand, the voters aren't in the senate. Wish the DNC would get over it.

    1. "So I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down," Trump said. "I'm not going to blame you for it — the last time you shut it down, it didn't work. I will take the mantle of shutting it down."


  3. Congressman Carwash is an UNCIVIL FRAUD.

    Calling for your opponents to behave civilly, while you yourself continue lobbing Molotov cocktails, reveals yourself to be a FRAUD.

    Is Carwash calling for Pelosi to cease her obstructionist policies, step aside, and seek the neurological care she so desperately needs? No

    Carwash sits on his ass, shuffles papers, points an accusing finger at Republicans and President Trump, stays out of public as much as he can so that his own cognitive decline isn't too obvious, and KCMO media can continue covering for him.

  4. "HOSTAGE" - I don't think it means what you think it means.

  5. EC FROM DC- how cute. Religion and Politics, the refuges of the incompetent. Why, in the Digital Age, are we paying these clowns anything, let alone six figures, to live in Washington supposedly representing us? SHUT IT ALL DOWN!

  6. And this is how President Trump will inevitably win the shut down.

  7. If there was really support for a wall, the Republicans wouldn't have lost the house.

  8. Is Cleaver “troubled” by the loan(s) he defaulted on or any of the other ways he takes advantage of taxpayers?

  9. Democrats love America more1/5/19, 12:00 AM

    11:42, that is really old news. Is that all ya got?

  10. No statute of limitations on " takes advantage of taxpayers?". Asshole then. Asshole now.

  11. Best thing for Republicans is that Clever continues his work.

  12. Clever's religious background is a huge negative in politics. The Evangelical ministers across America led their followers in MAGA and elected Trump. Clever is on the other side of this con and he should retire from politics.

  13. 12:00 the cleave is spending millions on building a retirement center (in his name) on 79th st in kcmo, where did his broke ass get all that money? He still owes 2.4 million that the courts are making him pay back to Bank of America for his failed loan at the carwash. Did you know the cleave is claiming he’s the brokest person in politics but what everybody else doesn’t know is he has 7 million in investment money, he’s a damn liar and a crook.


  14. It seems Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can approve 20M for aid to another country but can't approve 5M for our own country!

    My family is working without pay because of this, and we will continue to do so!

    Democrats are against this country and against the safety and laws of this country!

    There is nothing more DIRTY than a DEMOCRAT!!!!!!

  15. Federal employees will get back pay anyway like before once the government reopens.


    Car wash Cleave should donate his salary to the 12000 "workers" not receiving a paycheck.

    As mentioned above he should be troubled about his car wash loan.

  17. Russians and Bin Laden people are pulling for Pelosi and Democratic Party.
    They hope the wall won’t be built- easier to get in.
    Whose side are you on?

  18. Hey 6:52 am you are totally wrong. I suspect you have limited education and watch Fox and Friends in the am.
    Clever is a total fraud, hiding behind his religion and conning his followers like the Jerry Falwell and Liberty University.

  19. Pin-headed bottom feeder1/5/19, 8:19 AM

    Cleaver Clergy to the rescue!

  20. @7:40 ?THE RUSSIANS?

    Shit- they have their boy right where they want him and he's doing exactly what they want - dividing and weakening the USA!

    I only hope that the Mueller report nails this Traitor to the "wall", and that some of your cultists that have bought into his con game come to what little senses you have before you rip this Country apart!

  21. So basically cleaver told the tech CEOs tvhey are too white. This guy is such a race baiter like “the reverend” al Sharpton.

  22. Oh Lord give us the daily strength to help Madame Nancy shovel the shit off the sidewalks of her beloved San FranFreakco

  23. Absolutely agree with my Congressman and a real leader in my community.

    Trump = Tribalism.

  24. Some fresh Democrat needs to primary Cleaver. Many persons East of Troost would vote for a good Democrat alternative. Please some aspiring Democrat do this and represent us in Congress.

  25. 8:42 sorry dude, there isn’t any!

  26. How many employees did the congressman stiff with his carwash?

  27. Asked why 18th and Vine was not being used by KCMO, Clever said it was because many in KCMO were racist.
    He has supported the continued use of KCMO tax dollars which is now in excess of $100,000,000 to prop up this area and to hire folks who would be unemployable in the private sector.
    Net it out and he is a huge negative for the Democrats to have in the House.
    Against the Speaker. Why would this be???

  28. What a deplorable person!


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