Chronicling Midtown Kansas City

Here's an update from one of our favorite local bloggers who offers a big picture perspective on her reporting efforts and local history in general . . . Moreover, when this local author stepped past the daily news game and focused on local history and backstory, her efforts proved far more successful and captivating. Now, she has documented a great deal of the past in KCMO. Checkit:

Uncovering History: Have Much of Midtown Has Been Uncovered?

It was four years ago, in Dec. 2014, when I started the Midtown KC Post Uncovering History project, a long-term project to gather the history of each block of Midtown Kansas City. So far, I have put together block histories for about 150 blocks, including 22 last year.


  1. And then along came Opus

  2. ^^^^ Her writing is way better than that crowd garbage. She knows more than a crowd of nimrods.

  3. She still cheer leading for Streetcar Neighbors?

  4. Nice way to waste four years of ones life.

  5. The geezers are big on this while waiting for the bulldozers to arrive.

  6. ^^^^ @5:06. That's kind of sad but true.


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