Cheater Kansas City Chiefs Fanboys Targeted Tom Brady With Laser During Game

Local would like think the home town team should've won by mere "virtue" but it seems that the behavior of some fanboys is just as deplorable as anywhere else in the NFL. Take a look:

VIDEO: Laser aimed at Tom Brady during AFC Championship game at Arrowhead

A KMBC 9 News photojournalist's camera caught someone using what appears to be a laser pointer directed at Tom Brady's face during Sunday night's AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium. The first instance caught on camera was on a hand-off from Tom Brady to Sony Michel in the fourth quarter.


  1. Wish it had worked better lol.

  2. Typical low life Chiefs fan.


  3. No matter what your thoughts are on Brady (and I'm not a fan)whether it's a Chiefs fan or anyone fan at another stadium this is a dick move!


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