Celebrate Economic Impact!!! Kansas City Higher Minimum Wage = Higher Prices?!?!

Reality check on this social justice move from last year . . .

Fox4KC: Prices rise as the minimum wage increases in several states including Missouri

Meanwhile, here's an UP CLOSE & PERSONAL glimpse at the hyper local impact and people who need the cash whilst small biz takes a very real hit. Read more:

More security in tipped workers' wages

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- For many of the workers on 39th street's restaurant row, a new year means a higher paycheck. But for customers, it could mean higher prices, something people said they wouldn't mind. The women behind the counter at Mud Pie Vegan Bakery kept the coffee coming for a full house.


  1. I'm new to Kansas City1/1/19, 5:23 PM

    Of course it will mean higher prices. As long as the future robots don't/can't spit in my food I'll be happy to see higher prices.

    1. They spit in your food cause you’re a fucking asshole. That will never change.

  2. Less jobs more touch screen and self check out on stores.

  3. Wow a raise of the minimum wage? Congratulations Tony!

  4. Why the fuck are we still paying the wages of servers in this country?

    Instead of, you know, the goddamned owners of the business.

  5. greedy fucks if you cant pay a living wage you shouldn't be in business creating unnecessary competition


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