Blogging Kansas City MLK Day

The most prolific local faith blogger might take a lot of flak on his political views but in this post he offers a historical perspective on social justice and the fight for equality by way for nonviolent spiritual leadership. Take a look:

King and Douglass still needed today: 1-21-19

A few weeks ago I wrote here about biblical prophets and mentioned a new biography of the great abolitionist, Frederick Douglass (pictured at left). Today, on a day set aside to honor Martin Luther King Jr. (pictured at right), I'm...


  1. White Guilt Day

  2. Read MLK speech from NYC one year to the day before his assassination, "Beyond Vietnam". It is transcribed many places e.g. at a site called"American rhetoric".

    MLK spoke forcefully against America's war of aggression in Vietnam. "I have a dream" is a great speech but we should read what he said when he was wide awake.

    The man. The martyr. The apostle of peace, civil rights and equality. Minister of Jesus Christ. The greatest American of the 20th century. Thank you Martin Luther King.


    1. How appropriate that you’re named for a vegetable.

  3. Chiefs fans suck their own.

  4. Most black kids don't even know who MLK is.

    All they care about is bling and big semi automatic handguns.

  5. 8:42 MLK BETRAYED the troops in Vietnam. He helped the Communists...and after they won they murdered hundreds of thousands. There's your Commie Paradise for ya! You sound like a Russian bot.

  6. A day off work for MLK followers. Most of them don’t work anyway.

  7. When is James Earl Ray day?

  8. 9:19 you know he was just the pasty don't ya?

  9. Silly person comment at 9:11:
    Why do I sound like a Russian bot? I dont know a single russian and I've never been to russia.

    In Vietnam we attacked a nation 8,000 miles away that never attacked us and posed zero threst to us and we gave them everything we had. We dropped thousands of tons of bombs on barefoot peasants living in thatched roof huts. We got our ass kicked and finally in April 1975 let go of that stupid war on Vietnam after Congress finally said "enough" and quit paying for it. You cannot blame MLK or protestors in Berkeley for American defeat in Vietnam. Nor did we "hold back". We lost 17,000 draftees for God sake. And if MLK or anti-war activists were to blame for losing our war on Vietnam, how do you explain our military defeat in afganistan? There's no anti-war movement AT ALL today ...


  10. 9:41 is a Commie Stooge. Just another useful idiot.

  11. Inquiring Minds...1/21/19, 11:48 AM

    Question @11:04, if I may.

    Based on want you posted, are you saying the post @9:41 was from Donald Trump?
    If so, I take issue with your calling him a "useful idiot"!

  12. 11:48 is another patsy running interference for the aforementioned commie stooge.


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