Artsy Solution To Kansas City Violence???

Think about this one for just a bit before firing off a knee-jerk response . . . This program might actually focus and provide resources for something important and desperately lacking in Kansas City: CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS.

From online flame wars to local shootouts, this town has always had a problem dealing with anger. This is as good of a FIRST STEP as any in dealing with the problem of so much underlying local rage, resentment and ire.

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Kansas City Artists Engage Community, Pivot From Violence With Creative Expression

Artist Chavonna Adams saw her idea come to come to life Saturday with the Start the Arts initiative kick-off at the Plaza branch of the Kansas City Public Library. And she was pleased. "I'm not a first responder," Adams said.


  1. Give the hood free paint ball guns.

  2. ^^^ But wouldn't that make the graffiti problem even worse?

    Ya just can't win!

  3. Are you serious. This Is funny as heck. Art is going to solve shootings. Why not just give away free cookies and milk to solve the problems. Ha ha ha .

  4. I wonder how much this worthless program is costing the taxpayers

  5. This is what the city council is all about. To solve a problem, gather a bunch of unqualified folks and hire them with benefits. It's all about the process and nothing about the results...

  6. I don’t know how many times I’ve thought to myself, “If only Charles Manson had had a watercolor set.”

  7. Until people are ready to sit down and have very difficult, honest, and raw discussions about the violence that is gripping this city, nothing is going to change. While I try to appreciate the various ways people want to approach this issue, none of it is working and honestly, many of the people involved have very personal agendas and want attention and that's about it. Until the thugs who are perpetrating these crimes are actually held accountable for their actions, and we stop giving them excuses and demand appropriate prosecution and sentencing from our our judicial system these tragedies will continue.

  8. Is that Cheepeto ?

    1. It’s Cheepeto the 2nd. Someone who has cozied up to Slyme or the clowncil to peddle her “idea,” and will now feed at the taxpayer trough for years.

  9. Stay vigilant.

  10. Another failed feel good attempt at nothing.


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