Thursday, January 24, 2019

After Downtown Kansas City Hype Dashed: UMKC Kangaroos Tout Scaled-Down Artsy Conservatory On Dangerous Campus

The most important part of this story is that the city college high art gambit was used to tout development schemes and the success of sketchy transit moves. Now the effort has been cut down to size and seems like nothing more than something to make the campus even more crowded and inaccessible. Also, horrific parking will continue to impact these future denizens of the creative class along their fine arts journey. Read more:

University Of Missouri-Kansas City To Build New Conservatory Of Music And Dance On Campus

The University of Missouri-Kansas City has selected a location for a new facility for the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance - right next door to its current location. UMKC Chancellor Mauli Agrawal made the announcement late Thursday afternoon in an email to faculty, staff and students.


Anonymous said...

$50 million from the state

Translation- $50 million from taxpayers

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for the arts students plunked right down in the middle of the crime-ridden campus. They were going to have a beautiful view of the Kauffman Performing Arts Center. The whiners on Volker got their way and prevented the kids from having a first-class facility.

Anonymous said...

Should’ve hired the fat fake revs to threaten the mayor and city clowncil!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the littles pussies should go to a safe school, like Columbia. It’s in Harlem, a lot safer place than Kansas City.