Tuesday, December 04, 2018


The most dangerous street in this town provides the setting of the latest tragic run-in as bike/walk advocates don't seem to care much about this ongoing East Side public health hazard. Read more:

BREAKING: KCMO police are investigating a fatal pedestrian accident on 71-Highway just passed Red Bridge Road

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A fatal pedestrian accident has been reported in KCMO. At 6:12 p.m. Tuesday, Kansas City police were called to a fatal pedestrian accident on southbound 71-Highway just past Red Bridge Road. Only one lane of traffic is getting by in that area due to the police investigation.


Anonymous said...


It's way past time we banned motorized vehicles!

Yes, I know you're required to have a license to operate one, and you're required to register your vehicle promptly after purchase, but people continue to die!

Vehicles are frequently stolen and used to commit crimes!

Owners don't always keep their vehicles locked up securely!

Juveniles can get their hands on vehicles easily!

It's a public safety epidemic!


(message brought to you by Liberal Action Network)

I'm new to Kansas City said...

I'm new to Kansas City. I don't understand why Highway 71 appears to be an interstate but yet has stop lights with pedestrian Crossings? This seems as if it was a poor design from the beginning. How did this ever get approved for construction? Who was the sponsor of this bill? Who authorized Construction? What type of official or city planner would have approved such a design? I am new to Kansas City and don't understand how things work around here at times

Anonymous said...

^^^ That’s pretty accurate of what those pinko’s think

Anonymous said...

8:20 don’t you worry we have answers for you, the cleave was the master mind of this disaster

Anonymous said...

It was originally intended, and was supposed to be a freeway all the way to downtown, and connect to the downtown loop. In fact, present-day Interstate 49 was supposed to be that very highway, stretching all the Way, eventually, from New Orleans to Kansas City.
I-49’s official Northern end is the Grandview Triangle.

The short answer why this is the way it is:
“racial politics“.

The “black community“ and their political “community organizers“, could not stomach the idea of “white suburbanites” being able to travel all the way from the suburbs to downtown, through the black neighborhoods. So, as the highway was being design and built, certain “inner city leaders“ obtained a court order requiring that it not be built to interstate standards, and have the traffic lights that we see today. It was not the idea of the highway department or the planners or designers. Those three lights are there along the highway for the explicit purpose of inconveniencing suburban commuters trying to get to and from downtown - Even though it will never be publicly said.

Anonymous said...

I think they mean the pedestrian passed just past Red Bridge Road.